Over the last 2 years I have had physical therapy with Ellen and they have been most physically demanding years of my career. When injuries started to creep in the treatment and advice given to me was superb. I was able to contribute vital minutes of game time to support my team in our biggest games which I don't think I could have done without the knowledge given to me. I am most grateful for Ellen's hard work and determination to keep my body in the best possible shape. Harrison Gamble GB Basketball and Reading Rockets.

Harrison Gamble (GB Basketball, Reading Rockets)

“Ellen has been my physical therapist for the past two years. She is both enthusiastic and competent; she makes all my efforts feel worthwhile. Ellen is also able to give me advice on sports injuries and gives me a lot of confidence during my training sessions with her.”


“Ellen has been working with me on a rehab gym programme and I find her attitude and dedication to her profession excellent. As I have lower back problems Ellen has been sensitive to producing a programme which strengthens this area but also challenges the rest of my body.”


"I first met Ellen when I was involved with the Great Britain Lions American Football programme back in February 2008.
I reported into training camp still suffering symptoms of previously torn muscles in my lower back injured in late 2007. She helped me make sure I didnt miss a single practice session at that particular training camp, and also provided me with a rehab programme to follow when I returned home. Within weeks my symptoms had gone.

In ensuing training camps and games with the GB Lions programme I always made sure I saw Ellen to do any pre-hab work required to make sure I was fit for the practice sessions and games, and that my recovery time from was minimised. I have seen Ellen also outside of the GB Lions programme when I have picked up injuries when playing for my club side, and she always has me back playing in the quickest possible time.

Ellen is incredibly knowledgeable about her profession, and is spot on when it come to providing the right rehab treatments and programmes. She is also a great person to be around with an awesome sense of humour, a huge reason why treatments with her are not mundane and boring, as they sometimes can be.

I would recommend Ellen to anyone who has any sort of sports injury that requires treatment."

Kevin Keohane (GB Lions, Farnham Knights)

Ellen was very important not only to myself but to my teammates in the National American Football Team.
Long training camps took their toll on your body. Ellen was able to maintain my body in readiness for the next training session. This was through excellent sports massage and also preventative measures such as taping and loosening of muscles and joints.

Ellen also diagnosed and corrected lots of muscular and joint problems I had as an athlete, leaving me with sustainable correcting exercises and routines. Ellen fitted into the Team well and was considered a Team mate. It is important to feel comfortable with people treating you. I trusted Ellens opinions at all times!! Rod Bradley

(GB Lions, The Gladiators – Spartan, London Blitz)

Ellen amazed me with her physical therapy skills. During a climbing trip to Snowdonia in January as part of my Everest training I skidded and did the splits on some ice, damaging my left adductor muscle. I did the usual ice and rest, but recovery was taking too long and time was running out, I went to see Ellen and within 4 sessions it felt like I’d never had an injury in the first place and the problem hasn’t returned despite the stress it would have been under on Everest.

Bonita Norris (Youngest British female to summit Everest)

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